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Hickory Hill 2017

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           Milo Deering   -   Ronny Singley       -        John Early - Bob Stegall - Don Eaves


Our 38th Year

We would very much like to thank all of the wonderful people who have followed us for so many years. A bunch of you showed up for our first show this year, one in which we celebrated a reunion of long time friendships. What a complete joy it is to be making music with four of our original  faces together once again. And with the continued inclusion of our now long time special friend and musical magician, Milo, we're just experiencing something real special.

Thanks to our friends at Music City Texas Theater for hosting our traditional winter show. And this winter show was extra traditional as we were able to enjoy revisiting some of our earlier discography that gave us our start way back when. We're going to be smiling for a while yet.

To help us celebrate the special joy of this year, we reached into the back of our storage closet and pulled out the old vinyl LP's and the one cassette we released between 1982 and 1990 and added them to the website. You can check out the images and excerpted audio on our Recordings page. And if you'd like, you can order any of those earlier recordings as digital downloads. So if you weren't around or didn't find us until later, you can now get a full glimpse into our beginnings.

Due to several circumstances beyond our control, we have had to make a couple changes to our previously published appearance Schedule, so please make note of them. We regrettably are now not going to be able to do Turkey Track this year and we will miss ya'll dearly! We would like to thank Bill and Linda Lovett for being so understanding! It's going to be a great festival and we look forward to returning in the future. We have also had to move our Lanes Chapel Church appearance to July 29th and 30th, so please be aware of that as well. We are finalizing some exciting additional bookings so please keep checking that schedule page and we will keep you updated.

As many of you know, our bass player Bob Stegall had major open heart surgery towards the end of February. He continues to amaze us with his recovery and is progressing wonderfully! We thank you all for the prayers and good thoughts! It works!

We're real happy to have this year's opportunity to revisit our very special history together and we hope especially that you'll enjoy it with us. Thank you all so much for all the years of your support and friendship!

Looking forward to sharing some special time with you....

John, Don, Ronny, Bob & Milo


  Hickory Hill 2017  

Updated 2017-05-22




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